“While the sale is the initial driver of our business, it doesn’t end there. I believe that delivering on our promises, fostering after sales relationships and executing our agreements with integrity and efficiency is where lasting value is created.”

“An astute customer once commented, ‘the most expensive raw material is the raw material we don’t have.’ Worrying about raw material being delivered is time that is not spent growing your business. I take pride in our customers’ impressive growth with the knowledge that our consistent and timely delivery plays an essential role.”

“We do the right thing no matter the cost, whether monetary or professional. Many of our partner companies have been working with the principals of Cogent for years, in some cases decades before Cogent was even formed. Being able to build longstanding working relationships based on trust and mutual understanding is something we do very well and something that I’m very proud of.”

“Companies often preach the tired tenet of, ‘under promise and over deliver’. At Cogent we won’t under promise so that we can over deliver. We take a different approach by simply doing what we say we will, every time. It’s called integrity and it’s the core principle upon which our company is built.”