Woody Biomass | Definition

Woody biomass may be any of the following products: solid wood, ground wood, whole tree wood chips, tree trimmings, clean wood chips, sawdust, bark, and shavings that are burned to produce energy.

To encourage the development of sustainable alternatives, major legislative changes have been enacted in the EU and other parts of the world, creating a substantial opportunity in the marketplace for a sustainable fuel substitute to coal. Historically, coal has been the world’s primary source for heat and energy, however these legislative changes have made it significantly less attractive moving forward.

As coal users, in a growing number of countries and industries, are being required to reduce their dependence on coal the opportunity for woody biomass develops.

Ground Wood Fuel

Specifically for use in renewable energy biomass-fired power plants and made from bark, sawmill off-cuts, and small trees; our ground wood fuel is produced to reach the ideal balance between energy value and economic value.

By feeding raw material, such as sawmill off-cuts, through a grinder and depending on our customer’s requirements, the product may be ground several times to achieve a perfectly sized finished wood fuel.

Whole Tree Chips

Our whole tree wood chips start as base-cut trees. The trees, limbs, needles and bark are run through a chipper. The machinery is identical to that used to produce our premium paper-quality southern yellow pine wood chips, only the process requires turning off the debarking unit. The result is a high quality whole tree chip that is ideal for biomass-fired and co-fired energy plants.

The uniform nature of our whole tree chips allows for the convenient handling and feeding into conveyor fed boilers, in addition to the smooth handling of the product during the loading and unloading of the vessel.

All of our woody biomass is produced to our customers’ specifications. Our control of every step of the production process allows us to produce woody biomass of exacting quality and consistency.

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