We choose our partners with great care. We ensure that we associate with like-minded organizations that espouse the same principles that we do. We view all our suppliers, service providers and customers as partners in our business and therefore an extension of our organization.

We believe that our success to date has been based significantly on our ability to make timely and cogent decisions. As we continue our growth we will never lose an opportunity due to the inability to act quickly, yet prudently.

Our people are highly skilled and passionate about their work. Our team is available around the clock and all our team members have a complete understanding of our business from A to Z. We measure performance with honesty, provide coaching and encourage our people to grow both as employees and individuals.

We diligently adhere to courtesy, honesty, and responsibility in our interactions with our customers, suppliers, partners and employees. Our professionalism and desire to exceed expectations extends far beyond the standard commercial consideration and legal obligation.

Integrity is our core principle. We honour our commitments, hold ourselves, and our employees to the highest ethical standards, and expect no less from our suppliers, partner companies and customers.

Why name our company Cogent? Cogent is defined as: precise, convincing and relevant. As Cogent we will always be clear and precise in our business dealings, we will be convincing in our abilities, we will remain relevant in changing markets and will always be straightforward and to the point.